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"Building on over 50 years of tradition - A defining force to shape the future "

As the president of Jeil Coin Counter Co., Ltd. (JCCCL), I would like to express my deep gratitude and heartfelt appreciation to all of our domestic and oversea's customers who have been using our products during the past five decades.

JCCCL has distinguished itself as a Top-Tier maker of coin-related machines in Korea. This has been true since our coin counter debuted in 1970.

Now, all of our coin-related machines are poised to become an indispensable product to all those handling coins. Further, we have a continued commitment to this industry by leading through excellence in performance and with cutting-edge technology.

Our products have grown to include coin auto-wrappers, coin counters, bill exchangers, and coin dispensers, all of which are widely in use at numerous wholesale and retail lending institutions, transportation companies, as well as at governmental investment organizations.

Strong customer acceptance and use our products at home have provided a tremendous launching pad for the successful advance of our products into the international market. This is evidenced by the fact that we have gained overwhelming responses for our products' performance and quality from the customers in South East Asia, Europe, and South America. In addition we have received this type of response from a number of world shows we had attended.

To share our appreciation to our customers, we will continue to double our efforts to set new benchmarks for our products to meet the customized needs of our customers.

JCCCL will continue its tradition to enhance both our products and services to make every certain customer is completely satisfied.

President /
Jae-ok Kim

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Company History


· 1970'

1970.11   Jeil Coin Counter Co., Ltd., was established at 8 Jangsa-Dong Chung-Ku, Seoul
                (The first manufacturer of coin counter and automatic coin wrapping machine in Korea)
1971.12  Production & supply of coin counter (Model SE-150A, SE-250A)
1973.01  New development of coin counter (SE-550A)

1975.08  Factory moved to a new premise at 1-72 Sungsu-Dong Sungdong-Ku, Seoul
1976.08  Development of Belt Conveyor System completed (Document Transfer Purpose)

1979. 01 Production of coin counter (JC-801A)
1979.03  Accomplishment of 100% nationwide market share

· 1980'

1982.11  Development of new coin counter (JC-82AS)
1983.11  Appointed as one of the promising medium-size firms by the Citizens National bank
1983.11  Coin counting & wrapping machine was first developed in Korea (JC-83AW)
1984.01  Contract was signed with Line Seiki Co., Ltd. of Japan on a common technology development and parts supply.
1985.08  Expansion of current factory building and facilities.
1986.03  Development of automatic bill exchanger was successful (JC-102)
1989.04  Establishment of Hyo-Jung Precision Co., Ltd. as a subsidiary firm

· 1990'

1990.04  Opened a branch office in Pusan, the second largest city in Korea
1990.10  First introduction and installation of Panasonic's Laser Cutting Machine in Jeil's factory
1996.07  New development of automatic multi-function wrapper (JC-961FW)

· 2000'

2000.01  New development of low-noise coin counting & wrapping machine completed (JC-100A)
2001.12   Exhibit our coin counter and automatic coin wrapper in the "Mumbai Bank Equipment Show" in India, attracting many clients.
2003.05  Coin Counter recieved CE Mark.(JC-20)
2003.11   Exhibit our coin counter and automatic coin wrapper in the SHANGHAI INTERNATIONAL INDUSTRIAL EXPO in China
2004.10  Acquisition of  ISO 9001 / KSA 9001
2004.12  Acquisition of the Certificate of Clean Factory from Minister of Labor of Korea.
2006.01  Export coin counter (Model : JC-20) to Japan Post Office in Japan.
2006.03  New development of automatic wrapper (JW-70)
2006.08  First introduction and installation of the latest Laser Cutting Machine in Jeil's factory
2006.12  First introduction and installation of Turning Center
2008.04  Awarded achievement award by the Citizens National bank
2009.03  The world first development of automatic coin sorting wrapper (JSW-200)

· 2010'

2010.02  Export coin counter (Model : JC-20) to Japan Post Office in Japan.
2010.03  Export coin counter (Model : JC-20)  in Taiwan.
2010.10  First acceptance automatic coin sorting wrapper (JSW-200) by Shinhan Bank
2010.12  Acceptance automatic coin sorting wrapper (JSW-200) by Woori Bank
2011.01  Export coin counter (Model : JC-20)  in Japan.
2011.03  Acquisition of  Design Registration for automatic coin sorting wrapper (JSW-200) 

2011.05  Export coin counter (Model : JC-20)  in Taiwan.
2011.09  Acquisition of a patent for the invention of automatic coin sorting wrapper (JSW-200)
2011.11 Export coin counter (Model : JC-20)  in Taiwanm HongKong.
2013.09  Development of automatic coin sorting wrapper (2nd gen. JSW-300)
2014.01  Acceptance 2nd gen. of automatic coin sorting wrapper (JSW-200) by Woori Bank, IBK, Shinhan Bank, Kookmin Bank, Hana Bank, Nonghyup bank, Suhyup Bank, ㅡMG Community Credit Cooperatives, ETC.

2015.05  Export coin counter (Model : JC-20)  in HongKong

· 2020'

2021.02 Development of all in one model for coin wrapper(3nd gen.)

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